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Tips for Achieving Your New Years Resolutions

Are you ready to set intentions to achieve your goals? Exactly!

The best time to set goals in TODAY, right now, in this moment.

Here are SIX TIPS to help you get specific with your intentions so that you can create goals that will keep you in alignment and manifesting what you want for your life!

Steps to create an effective visual for achieving your goals:

1. Decide on a theme for your year: what are you about in 2022? Alignment? Focus? Peace? Intentionality? Decide your theme, maybe even a theme song. We don’t hate that!

2.Get clear with what you want and set an intention. What intention are you setting that connects to your theme?

3. Decide what goals you want to achieve that directly support your intentions and theme. This is how you create alignment to yourself and what you want. Remember: you are in the drivers seat of your life!

4. Grab some art supplies! Make the tangible connection to seeing words, connecting to pictures and physically placing them as part of your visual.

5. Invite over friends (thank you @sabina for making this such a special project and for sharing intention with me!)

6. Hang it up where you can see it every single day! Connect to it, see it and keep manifesting what you want!


Sign up for the FREE course, a quick lil step by step course to help you get clear on your intentions, set goals that are aligned to you and have the option to download our intention setting guide and coursebook to really get ya organized and accountable. CLICK HERE

You got this! Let’s have an EPIC year!



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