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Transform your life and reclaim your power.One-on-one coaching to gain clarity, confidence & courage AND TAKE BRAVE ACTION!

Breakthrough Session:
an introductory offer for first time clients

You gotta name it to tame it

Book a 50 minute breakthrough session with Angela to identify what is holding you back and get a plan to step powerfully into your life. 

Have your breakthrough


How Much Longer will you...

We need to work together:

  • You google search what is "wrong" with you

  • You are tired of justifying your life choices

  • Not sure if the whole marriage, babies, white fence life is for you

  • You're unsure of what comes next and what you want in your life

  • You're ready to DO THE WORK to be your best, most empowered self

Baby: IT IS TIME! 

Let's go all in together. 

Become a monthly member with custom coaching, fitness, group coaching & community
  • ALL IN Membership

    Every month
    ALL ACCESS with private coaching
    • 2 hours of one-on-one coaching/month
    • Unlimited Live Classes
    • Full access to on-demand library
    • Private FB Group
    • Onboarding Zoom Call
    • Email/What's ap Coaching support
    • Exclusive deals and offers
    • Access to Monthly EM Workshops and meet ups

Transform your 

whole life

a 12 week one-on-one intensive for people are are ready to ACT on their goals and getting the life they want. 


Inner Compass Coaching:
12 week intensive

Reclaim your power AND create the life you want, outside of the box in just 12 weeks!

Inner Compass Coaching is a course for empathetic souls who feel stuck, burnt out, and frustrated and are looking for deep healing, confidence and long terms goal setting.

This one-on-one offering is a 12-week course to help you gain clarity, confidence and courage. 


  • 18 HOURS OF COACHING: 12 Weekly, 90 minute coaching sessions to improve mindset & mental health

  • Over 20+ supplemental videos to guide you through your course book

  • Email support and support coaches

  • Private group portal and syllabus

  • Hard copy of your course book

  • Three month SWEAT REMIX membership to livestream classes

  • Unlimited On-demand Access

  • Monthly intention setting plans

  • Enrollment in self-paced Meditation Course

  • Private Facebook group 


  • Feel strong and confident in your body

  • Make consistent and long lasting healthy choices

  • Build an effective workout routine & meditation practice

  • Get new tools to manage frustrating relationships, work environments and limiting beliefs

  • Build confidence saying no to the BS and YES to you

  • Design a powerful and consistent self-care plan

  • Detach from things that no longer serve you



    12 Week Intensive: One-on-One Coaching & Fitness Access
    Valid for 3 months
    • 12 Weeks (18 hours) of One-on-one Coaching
    • Email Support
    • Coursebook
    • Virtual lessons & supplemental videos
    • Unlimited LIVE classes
    • Access to On-demand content
    • Access to 21 Day Meditation Course
    • Private Facebook Group
    • Loyalty points and exclusive discounts
Get our of your own way and STEP IN TO YOUR POWER

Get empowered new tools to change the mindset, the body and your life. 

In 12 weeks, you can take back your power, end the burnout and create a sustainable self care plan to make sure you stay grounded and empowered, no matter what life throws at you. 
Take action: pay

Friend, let me tell you...I spent 20 years of my life struggling, angry, anxious, depressed and un-fuxking-happy and condensed it to something USEFUL so you do not have to spend decades being miserable and struggling to fix it. 

This course is a way to help YOU when you need it the most


I have taken the self-help books I read, the CBT and DBT strategies I learned, the life coaches who took my money, the downward spirals, the prescribed meds, the group therapy, the heartbreak, the loss, the pain, the years spent in wellness and as a professional educator and condensed into one private, 

independent and effective course to help you out of your toxic cycle and into the life that you want!

When I say I got you, I mean it. And I can't wait to work with you!


Founder, Sweat Remix and The Empowered Millennials

Why does this course work?






I totally get it! I respect wanting to make the RIGHT decision for you. Super excited to meet you and learn more about ways I can help you step into your power.  

Book your FREE 15 min discovery consult with ma and catch the vibe.

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