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Why the


A fitness that remixes a spiritual practice and movement to help you move through what you're going through.


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A Process Backed By Scientific Evidence


  • It is important to all get grounded together, like we are setting the stage to collectively go into battle, out of the field and do our work together. 

  • We use deep breathing and the visualization and mantra technique of mindfulness to set intentions and connect to our higher selves

    • Visualization is one method that involves using mental imagery to picture yourself in a calming location. 

    • Mantra meditation is a form of meditation relies on a mantra, or chosen word or phrase, that's repeated throughout the practice. Your mantra can be anything you choose, and you can repeat it out loud or silently throughout the meditation.


  • ​The combination of movement and mindfulness creates an environment where people can tap into the natural healing power within themselves.

  • Move through each portion of the workout program, you will learn how to draw upon that same energy to help enhance clarity and increase resilience against stressors in everyday life.

  • Exercise helps to reduce anxiety by stimulating endorphins that regulate moods and cause a sense of euphoria throughout the body. With continued practice, individuals will be able to utilize this internal resource whenever needed most for effective stress management. 


  • This practice emphasizes being aware of physical sensations in each body part and listening to signals that the body is sending. Sweat Remix utilizes a combination of breathing techniques, restorative yoga postures, and guided meditation to help guide participants into a space of self-care. 

  • The overall goal of heal during Sweat Remix classes is to build conscious awareness and provide an opportunity for integration between the physical and mental aspects of wellness.

  • Participants are encouraged to focus on releasing tension and restoring energy through connecting with your body during workouts. 


Our signature #ZenRageHeal Process

We remix together embodiment practices, movement and neurolinguistic programming to help release negative energy and reprogram limiting beliefs so you can take action in your life. 


An embodied approach to breathing and intention setting. You set an intention for your practice, whether it is to release anger or build strength or simply find peace. This allows you to become connected to your body and what you really want


This is where you activate your intention through your movement. It is moving intentionally, harmoniously and authentically in alignment. You get to notice limiting beliefs and thought patterns and move through them.


Ground yourself and connect with the space you have created. You reflect on what worked, what you need and apply it to your life. You will then have the clarity, confidence, and courage to do what you have been reluctant or fearful to do.

Benefits of ZEN. RAGE. HEAL.

Regulate Emotions

Remove fear and the catastrophic misinterpretation of physical feelings that can occur, such as, “my chest is tight I am having a heart attack”, “my thoughts won’t stop, I must be going mad”. You control the feelings. 

Manage Stress

Practice understanding the physical effects of stress while implementing mindfulness practices, we get to practice being in fight or flight and getting ourselves back into you parasympathetic state, your Rest or Digest State.

Be Mindful

We practice both visualization and mantra meditation as part of the ZRH heal process to build in the mindfulness practice and movement. Over time we become less reactive to perceived threats and more able to think about how we'd like to respond.

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