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Angela Gentile

Podcasts, speaking engagements, hosting and MORE. 


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The event that EVERYONE remembers, is going to be YOURS.

A great event tells a powerful story and leaves an impact.

Creating an event is not just about centerpieces and drinks, it is about how to tell a story, keeping people engaged and having them feel that they are part of something collectively powerful.

From corporate events, panel moderations, birthdays and mitzvahs, having me at your event enhances your guest experience. 


Being able to organize the timeline and flow of your event is not just in the details of who, what and when, but also the how and the heart: how will that make people feel.

My expert sense of empathy and my keen ability to create, feel and orchestrate energy provides the collective effervescence needed for a memorable event. 

Being on the Mic as your host and master of ceremonies is a honor and responsibility that I don't take lightly. I truly put in an abundant amount of work that is both tangible and invisible, carrying the emotional weight of how everyone is feeling and ensuring I lead that feeling to your desired result and having everyone talking about how dope it was for a lifetime. 

Working with me takes the stress off having to be "on" at your event and allows you to sit back, be a guest at your event and enjoy the magic. 

I can't wait to bring your story and vision to life. Let's connect!


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Being chased by a hippo to losing her father to rage quitting her tenured teaching career, Angela's wide range of speaking topics will surely entertain and inspire. Her life lessons and wise perspective come from her life of taking risks, living in the present and making sure that "had to be there" feeling shines through in her storytelling. 

Hype woman and badass unicorn



Angela Gentile is a former public school teacher turned social disruptor, entrepreneur, podcaster, speaker and badass unicorn. And yes, a professional hype woman and MC who uses story telling to create impactful events, podcasts and workshops. 

She has been in the entertainment industry for over a decade and brings her talents in empathy, story telling and epic energy to any event she does so that everyone can feel powerful, connected and know that they are part of something HUGE. 


Her belief that we deserve to show up in the world as a full, whole version of ourselves have resulted in a strong global community of folks powerfully living their life. Angela’s mission is to provide a space for people to move through what they are going through and experience being brave and vulnerable so they can identify the value they bring to the world through physical fitness, meditations, workshops, story telling and community.


MS, Educational Leadership, WGU

BA, English, Fairfield University

iGNLP™ Certified NLP Practitioner 

Life Coach, Life Purpose Academy

AFAA Group fitness instructor

From Black Sheep to Badass Unicorn:
ways to bust out of the limiting social norms and live a life you love, not the one you think you "should"

Ways to Start Over with Confidence
you are never too old and it is never too late: quitting a tenured teaching job at 35, shutting down a business at 42, all to live a life of alignment and joy

Surviving and Thriving through Grief:
transforming grief and  the sudden loss of her father from devastating pain into powerful purpose 

Knowing when to JUMP:
How to make empowered decisions at a major life's crossroads so are no longer doing what you "should" and are doing what you LOVE


stats & analytics

Angela has a large and active social media following, engaged email subscribers and a global reach podcast.

Website engagement
an average of 400 monthly site and blog visits

Email subscribers
An email list of 2k subscribers with a 20% open rate

Guest Stats
Angela has been a guest on over 30 podcasts, including international and top 1% of podcasts

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