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Been resisting that discomfort BIG TIME

In the past 7 years, my grad school thesis turned teacher wellness program turned business turned Sweat remix class is about to take another pivot. .

...aaaaaaand I am pretty uncomfortable! Not to say that where I am going isn’t what I want because it is! I have to get comfortable with letting go of what isn’t working and what I thought I wanted. .

Damn, it’s another break up! .

Knowing where I want to go is crystal clear. Knowing what my superpower is to being the magic to the people is clear. Letting go of HOW I thought I was going to do it is uncomfortable.

I spent so much time! I spent so much money! What about what I’ve created? Is it all for nothing!? And then the failure starts to step in, and the negative self talk.

None of that stays very long because I have learned to honor myself, trust my inner knowing and focus on the purpose I want for myself. .

And step by step, I move forward doing hard, uncomfortable things.

And you know what? You can do hard things, too my friend!

You got this!


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