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You're Stressed Out Because You Aren't Prioritizing Your Health

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

When flooded with stress, our brain can't decipher if we are being chased by lions or are running late in traffic. It just knows: RED ALERT. GET OUT OF THIS FAST Your brain will react with the fastest, easiest way to bring EASE to the situation, even if it isn't rationally what we really want.

When you are ALWAYS stressed out, you are in a chronic state of fight or flight.

You are in state of fear, scarcity and urgency that is signaling to your brain that there is DANGER.

So, your brain releases adrenaline, cortisol which amps you up and slows down your other executive functions, like sleep & digestion.

When you keep doing things that aren't working and from that Animal brain place, you are not make making rational and aligned decisions, repeating the stress pattern. You just keep operating from fear and scarcity, not from a place of calm and what you really want, so you're never quite fulfilled.


The million miles an hour, over-giving, saying yes, raging out at others and ourselves, are all responses that aren't working, because it is creating more fight or flight and causing inflammation in the body.

This inflammation impacts digestion, sleep, immune system, mental health, weight regulation AND SO MUCH MORE.

So the way OUT of this is to stop doing more but actually...LESS. You simply have to prioritize your health and MAKE TIME for you.

Start slowing down, breathing and disrupting the fight or flight response with breathing, intentional movement and conscious awareness to bring YOU back into your life.



ZEN: Slow TF down

Breathe. Prioritize what YOU need.

Your life mask on FIRST before you help anyone else.

Being able to calm down, ZEN breathe and get out of Fight or Flight and in to your Rest and Digest state means you can make aligned and healthy decisions and ones that are THOUGHTFUL and RATIONAL.

RAGE Out with Intention


Exercise is a simple and effective way to calm the nervous system. It not only uses the energy created in the body, it metabolizes (breaks down) excess stress hormones. Lower levels of stress hormones mean a calmer body and mind.

When you set an intention and move your body to let it go of whatever you need to, you make space and energy in your body for allll the dope possibilities you want in your life

Like actual healing fitness therapy!

HEAL & Welcome in New Awareness and Opportunity

Check in and connect to how you feel: You become still and invite the opportunity to become more aware of your inner workings, that of others and the world around youBy slowing down in a guided meditation and body scan, you Consciously pay attention to your thoughts and feelings and how you are experiencing things in the body.

This is the final calm out of fight or flight and stress, really aligning the self to the BEING With the new space you have made in your body and energy, what do you want to put in its place? What possibilities and awareness can live there and THRIVE?

What needs to HEAL and be put to rest so you can create from THIS new place of calm: rationally and authentically


If we always feel like we don’t have enough time, not doing enough and flip on the narrative that we are not enough if we don’t do enough then…this convoluted interpretation of time and enoughness isn’t going to ever be sorted out.

Until you pause.

Slow down. Get yourself out of fight or flight and to a place where you can make sound and rational decisions for YOU, that make YOU feel good and one’s that YOU ARE proud of.

That’s why the #zenrageheal process is so damn powerful!!

Doing things because YOU want to, being around people who light up YOUR soul, connecting to YOUR hobbies, friends, health...

All of these things bring you back home to yourself.

See you at class!


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