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When Loss and Grief Changes Your Life

When loss and grief show up on your door, your life divides in two: there’s a period where you battle your expectations of what you thought your life would look like and what actually is.

It can throw off everything in your life and even the most mundane and simple task can be so exhausting that it falls by the wayside.

How?!? But like how do you accept this unexpected bullsh*t and be OK with it?!

Look, I’m not saying that you have to be ok and totes cool with trauma, loss, death. Nope not at all.

Here’s the pro tip:

EMBRACE THE AND: allow both experiences, the expectation and the reality to coexist. Both are true.

You get to decide each day which one you give more life to: fighting against, being angry at and wishing things were can spend time in the “why.” You get to feel the pain of loss, the anger of why this happened and the everlasting sadness of emptiness.





You can choose to fight forward. You can decide to find the why and look at the shit situation as a gift that gives you purpose, direction, gratitude. And start living present and fully in your life.

There’s not time limit for either. Feel it. Learn. Understand and welcome both into your life. This is what it means to be fully human and existing in life.

Embrace the AND. Both are valid. Your experience is valid.

We are here to help.


Angela & The Fam

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