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Three Tips to Combat Overworking Out and Self Hate

Over working out was my thing.

Seriously, I used to pull three a day workouts, constantly distracting myself from doing my work and facing allllll the self hate I was carrying around in my heart and soul.

I thought that if I could just look strong, be physically strong and my entire definition of strength revolved around getting through the “burn” then my life would be ok and I would stop suffering. How? I wasn’t sure. But I just keep powering through.

It wasn’t until I was forced to slow down after my father died, when I could no longer distract myself from the real, deep pain I was feeling, I got clear with myself, my being, my purpose, and self love. I had no choice to but to define strength from the inside and pull myself up each day from loss and grief.

Now, at 40, I believe movement should be spiritual, comprehensive and healing for your whole being of mind body and soul. Working out is an opportunity to shed the emotional weight of adulthood, responsibility and all the fuckery that it throws at you.

You can use movement because YOU LOVE YOURSELF and want more for your life, starting from the inside out. use movement to shed the heaviness, to free up space from the negativity. You will give yourself an opportunity to create and thrive from a place of clarity.

Here's what you can do to get started:

  1. ZEN ON IT: What are your affirmations? What do you want for yourself? Speak that shit into existence: I am lovable, I am creative, I get what I want, I am so worthy and deserving and I love honor and respect myself, just to name a few!

  2. RAGE IT OUT! Activate, anything NOT IN ALIGNMENT to that vision and those affirmations are the emotional releases you will give yourself by breathing and moving your body in a way that challenges you. What will stop you ISN'T the physical limitations. Your mental state and toxic narrative will take you down so much earlier. So, get to push through THAT narrative and release as you move, do burpees, sweat and just let it TF go! I would find myself screaming, I AM WORTHY and I hit a heavy bad or sprinted 1% faster. Try it. I swear by it!

  3. HEAL AND REFLECT: Yep. That's the key. After you have a moment of release, a moment when you're like "damn, I did that" take some time to offer in gratitude and savor this moment of accomplishment! THIS IS WHERE YOU BUILD YOUR DREAMS! This is the foundation of where allllll great things happen: when you recognize, are amazed by and in sync with your own damn magical power.

This is the #ZenRageHeal process. And we do it every day at Sweat Remix.

So, here’s a lil philosophy on movement. And when you’re ready, come join us!

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