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THREE Easy Steps to Setting an Effective Intention

Looking to get off to a solid start for this week? Exactly. Who isn't?

The question is: how do you do it??

EASY: By setting an intention!

Here are THREE easy steps to setting an effective intention

1. Let Go of what isn't working

Simple. You can't move through and out of what ya can't name. So, decide what it is that you are freeing yourself from. What are you letting of? What isn't working? What feels heavy and unsettling? Identify it and take a few deep breaths, exhaling out each thing that isn't working.

2. Speak positively and with abundance

Once you have freed up the negative space, speak abundantly with your intention. Instead of saying what you WILL NOT do, focus on what you WILL do. Keeping thing negative and hovering around the no and won't can cause alot of shame. Keeping yourself in a positive Frame of mind helps to create a higher frequency of operation. And like attracts more like!

3. Decide what it is you want, specifically.

Once you can name it and get as SPECIFIC as possible, then you know exactly what you are working toward. Ask yourself: what the thing is that you want for yourself, how does this love, honor and respect myself? What does it look like, sound like, feel like and envision it with as much detail as possible. Once you have a clear and focused goal, you can align ALLLL your actions to that goal!

4. Optional (but I it??!?!): Join us for not one but TWO Britney Themed classes this week in honor of her 40th bday and her freedom. Nothing fuels the soul like a lil Brit and some movement to go along with it.

And remember, if Britney can get through the past 13 years, you totally got this week.

Ok, friends, that's all! Go get to gettin' and have the best week ever.



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