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The universe has no shortage of wake up calls.

There’s always a MAJOR wake up call, preceded by many other mini events that show up to see how and if we are ready to listen. Most of the time, we aren’t. So the world has gotta drop some big bombs on us we we finally wake up!

The universe knows when we are not in alignment and it often forces us into discomfort and god awful pain in order for us to shake it up, change and grow.

If the friends we have in our life are fighting against us, showing us their bandwidth and capabilities, it is important to see that and decide what you need from your friendships.

Grief, pain, loss, trauma all have a way of turning on the light within us, forcing us to see the nasty baggage we have to unpack and decide what to keep and what to free ourselves from.

Take a deep breath and know how incredibly worth it you are, worth having support, worth getting this wisdom and worth moving forward into something powerful.

Learn more about the Sweat Remix Course: The Transformative Guide to Becoming EPIC where you learn HOW and step by step instructions to turn your los, trauma, negativity and pain into something magically powerful. .

Can't wait for you to join us!


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