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Feel sadness AND...⠀




They all exist at once, married to one another and coexisting in space and time. ⠀

In order for us to know great joy we must know and experience great loss. The more polarizing in one direction the equal reaction in the other. We can only truly know how magical something is when we know the severity of not. ⠀

If you’re hurting, feel it. AND feel the moments of joy too. Both. Not either or. You have permission to know all that it means to be human. ⠀

You don’t have to just live in pain, suffering from loss. There is hope in the AND. ⠀

Feeling both equal and opposite emotions doesn’t make you a “bad” person or devalue the connection to what you lost or are hurting from. Both are true. Both are complicated. And both are ok. ⠀

Loss is like that.⠀

When experiencing pain, check in:⠀

Do you want to run from one polarizing feeling to another? ⠀

Are you doing whatever you can to avoid pain? ⠀

Are you overcome in the space of grief and despair? ⠀

What would happen if you gave yourself permission to feel both simultaneously? ⠀

What if you choose to acknowledge both? ⠀

What would shift or change by welcoming the two? Or the many?

I got you, friend. You have permission to feel, to be held by the support of all the emotions that surface around loss, pain, uncertainty of figuring out what is next in life and how to move forward. ⠀

What kinds of raw emotions are showing up today? How can I help!?⠀

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