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is this social media noise incessantly toxic? ⠀

Using it for business while often feeling like I have to do more, be more, scheme, do a “reels” and point to shit while I wiggle and pretend to dance and the worst of it, be generic and formulaic is a position I can no longer be in. ⠀

There may be tactics and rules that apply to the masses, rules that will inevitably result in “impact” disguised at profit and income. ⠀

I see what’s happening. Clearly. Like very clearly. ⠀

And it’s so silly and heartbreaking. People deserve more than formulas, tactics, the “program” stolen and rehashed 57 different ways to make it “yours,” Taking at not with, sales scripts and messy unprofessionalism. ⠀

How can we coach ethically? Affordably? Honestly? Authentically? Inspirationally? ⠀

Let’s consider that what we put out is a reflection of what is internal. ⠀

We can only show up for others in ways that we have met, honored, respected, healed and shown up for ourselves. ⠀

Finding people who can you truly trust and feel empowered to let go, truly be you and be vulnerable is the jam. Finding someone who works with, guides, loves and supports is what coaching is actually about. ⠀

Do the right thing and the money will come. ⠀

Proud to attract the tribe of folks who understand their own shit, are not concerned with doing it like everyone else and are always and forever gonna take the long way around. ⠀

Keep being uniquely EPIC,



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