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Self Care is NOT Face Masks.

Self care is NOT face masks...⠀

It’s also not bubble baths and haircuts. It’s not matcha tea nor is it juice cleanses. That’s some instagram fodder that is unfulfilling. DON’T BELIEVE THE HYP!⠀

I mean, it can be part of it. It can be “caring”, and those things are nice to do, relaxing even. I

t’s not the only way!!

And let’s consider this: ⠀

-shouldn’t self Care be to care for ourself? ⠀

-Why is it only about relaxing? ⠀

-Shouldn’t self care, care for all parts of ourself? ⠀

-Isn’t the point of self care to make sure areas of your life are getting fulfilled, nurtured, inspired? ⠀

So we can’t neglect our physical, spiritual, emotional, financial and social needs when it comes to self care.⠀

Feel me?? ⠀


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