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Mindset Tip If You Feel STUCK

The WHAT IF loop is on full blast, volume up, spinning on repeat.

I get it.

For about 8 years, most of my 30s, I was STUCK. I hated my teaching job, I had non reciprocal friends and forget about dating: abuse central. I felt compelled to stay in situations because my own fear and feelings of being unworthy took over and talked me OUT OF MY OWN JOY!

I kept seeing big things ahead of me, the type of life I wanted, the type of career that fulfilled me, the type of friends I wanted in my circle and the man I wanted to marry. And at the same time, I was "what If-ing" all of it away: what if it's not right? what if I fail? What if it doesn't work? What if I made a mistake? What if this is the best I could do?

And this bullshit was on repeat for a freaking decade. Every time I got to the edge, ready to jump, I recoiled and keep staying comfortably in my own suffering and misery.

Until one day, I was pushed over the cliff. Grief catapulted me off the edge and I was challenged to level up, face this pain, take risks and really tap into my bravery. If I could survive grief, then I sure as shit could take risks and survive any other type of loss or challenge. Nothing would every be as painful as losing my dad.

So I jumped. And I am LIVING PROOF that the life you want is possible. It's a challenging, difficult and long journey. AND IT IS SO POSSIBLE. IT IS SO WORTH IT!

Here's what you can do if you have been feeling stuck and are ready to explode! Make the jump boo! We are the soft place not land to help you sort it out.

If what you have been feeling lately is sucking your soul dry: I don't like this job, I am unfulfilled in this space, I am not happy in this relationships, I know this isn't it, etc.

You know it: I want to change. I want to quit. I am done. I need something more.

And we come up with solutions for change, creating heavy dreams and fantasies that almost seem impossible and the "what if" takes over.

But...what if?

What if I fail? What if its worse? What if it is hard? What if I can't?

This is a powerful place, friend. If you are recognizing something need to change. There is POWER here. This is the rumbling of elevation and the life you want and deserve is HERE.

So, let me pose these questions to you:

What if it is AWESOME?


What if THIS is the decision that can single handedly elevate your life?

Here's your mindset tip:

When you believe in your ability, that is the secret to success. It doesn't change the situation, it changes YOU to help you tap into your resiliency and power.

Betting against yourself is what makes you feel miserable. Bet on yourself. And start listening to what your soul is SCREAMING at you to do.

What does this have to do with Sweat Remix?


We give you a fitness class that uses MOVEMENT & MEDITATION to help you get the clarity, confidence and courage you need to feel powerful, confident...freakin BADASS.

We help you tap into that voice and build the confidence you need to make the change, do the thing and JUMP powerfully into a life you love.

You are one decision away from a different life.

You can exit this email, not sign up and choose not to take the chance to have it work out. You can choose to wait another 6 months and be exactly where you are.

Or you can choose to bet on YOU. You can start moving with us and start stepping, one foot in front of the other, into a dope ass life! The life you want can start now and you can look back in 6 months and say....I'm here. I F*CKIN DID THAT.

Something amazing is rumbling. It is here. Feel it. Honor it.

Join us for a class or become a member with alllll the dope perks!

We got this.


Angela & the Fam

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