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How to Start Over

I started over at 35 and again at 38.

Two big life crashes not too far apart and in the last five years, my life doesn’t look the same at all. In fact, nothing is the same. And that rules!!

I am not a teacher.

My dad is dead.

Im single (again).

I’m off prescription medication.

I have a new dog.

I am no longer angry and reactive.

I quit working at gyms and teaching classes to be fully independent in my endeavors.

I have a profitable biz!

And, I run my biz fully virtually.

I moved out of Boston.

My roommate is my 92 year old grandmother.

I went through a global pandemic.

I no longer have collagen in my leg skin.

Lots of changes!

And, I think if a five year span didn’t look totally different, then it’s time to check in about where you feel stuck.

It can be helpful to ask yourself:

  • -what do I want?

  • -what is getting in the way of that?

  • -am I using anything in my life as a crutch or excuse to stay stuck?

  • -what am I in control of?

  • -how do I make moves toward what I can control and what I want?

We do get stuck, and it can be temporary and a way to build a better connection and more authentically in life. Use what you feel as info! .

You got this!

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