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Go 0-100 on your self-care

It's not cool to not have any needs...

You have needs and it's time that you HONOR what they are.

Knowing how you feel and what you need helps you make choices in your life that feel self-led: you are in the driver's seat, baby! This self knowledge tells you what you need to do for self-care: your emotions and inherent needs tell you how you need to be taken care of.

YOU get to listen to...YOU!

This honoring, or wisdom, helps you:

-Choose relationships that are supportive and fulfilling (and let go of ones that are not)

-Stand in the "F YES" principle

-Find a job that fulfills your needs for creativity, meaning, and autonomy

-Know when you need to eat, drink water, or move your body

-Be a mafuggin badass!

And what happens when you don't make time to choose yourself and your needs?

Well, things go to hell, pretty much.

-It's when we start pouring from empty cups, which is impossible.

-We get resentful, irritable, disconnected...

-we are CONSTANTLY stressed out

-we start dishonoring what we really want and make choices that don't serve us

-this chronic state of inflammation causes weight gain, weakened immune systems, lack of sleep, anxiety and other mental health concerns

-time passes by and yet another year of you being exactly where you are.

So, to all the folks who are ready to put their foot on the gas and floor it to 100 to start the new year....


Joining the Mind x Body Elevate program is the pedal to the metal that you are looking for to de-stress, take back your time and energy and prioritize YOUR OWN NEEDS!!

This 8 week wellness experience will give you the tools you need to:

-get out of fight or flight

-activate your wise mind to make aligned and honoring decisions that SERVE you.

-build in movement and workouts that serve you and what you need

-practice intention setting, visualization and mantra mindfulness techniques to stay calm, grounded and centered to YOU

-amp up your tool box to manage your life with more harmony and balance to keep doing the badass sh*t you do.


Take advantage of this enrollment opportunity and know that you are doing exactly what you need to kick off your January.

And THIS YEAR...will be the year of YOU.

Let's do this my friend: FOOT ON THE GAS!!!!!

If you still have questions and want to know more, just reply to this email and we can set up a 15 min call. I got you.

Have a great week and buckle up, we are going 100.



Owner, Sweat Remix

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