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Can you have it all??

I guess it depends on what “it” is.

What I do know is that measuring yourself by the status quo is a dumb cat and mouse game designed to fail and keep you depressed. Once upon a time, in my early 30s, I thought having it all meant to look a certain way and have a certain number in the bank, a boyfriend, a ring, a “good” job. And I did all the things! I had “it” all. But ya know what I didn’t have?? Sanity. Joy. Self worth!

What I do know: having this strong body and the wisdom and clarity that inhabits it also couldn’t come with the easy path, the six figure salary, my good leg skin and collagen years. Time and experience wouldn’t have made it possible. And at the same time, that shit isn’t important to me anymore. I’m not 32 nor would I ever be there again even if you paid me. Leg skin served it purpose, money was helpful and vanity served as a distraction for sure. Now, healing and aging overtook distractions. I like aging. I like the path. A helluva lot. I think I’ll stay here.

What I do know is that by defining what is important to you, what it is, what it looks like, sounds like and feels like will be the cornerstone of what it means to have “it” all.

What I do know is having it all is about what you define as important. Do you have the things that matter to YOU??? And fuck the rest.

xo & be epic,


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