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Thank you for being our champion.

It’s interesting to grieve someone whom you have never met, to feel this strongly for a human you don’t even know. We feel connected to people in deep and various ways, regardless of how long or the capacity of the relationship. The ways in which someone means something to us is totally ours and the way we connect to them is powerfully ours.

I’ve loved you since high school, RBG. I was fascinated by Sandra Day O’Connor and YOU. Idolized you and I wanted to go to law school because of you. Although the LSATs were not an Elle woods success in my adult life, you planted a seed in a 15 year old girl who believed in justice and standing firmly in what was right and often unpopular.

You validated this young women standing in her voice and using it for others. You gave this 15 year old and so many like her permission to be bold, stand out and SPEAK UP. You have given us all permission to boldly take up space, to proudly BE in spaces unprecedented for women. You have given all women the gift of possibilities.

For what comes next, I can’t say. I also am doing my best to remain hopeful, honest, fervent and active being the trailblazer this legend paved the way for women to be.

I will not stop this fight.

We will not let you down, RBG.


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