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How to Prioritize YOU at work

Ahh yes, the work overwhelm. Maybe it starts on the drive in; it did for me. And I was already in a panic mode before I even walked into the building. Or maybe, it is mid day and you are TAPPED the hell out of excel sheets, meetings, zoom, management and everyone else's needs.

It can be so much.

And without some tips and tools to get yourself back to your center and back home to yourself, you take this hectic, chaotic and misaligned energy into your personal life, you know the thigns that REALLY matter.

So, here are some things to consider so you can prioritize YOUR NEEDS throughout the day AND still get work done. Being your best in and out of work is key, so here are some tips:

How you Start your day MATTERS:

Chaos brings more chaos! So Being able to start the day from a place of grounding and quiet helps to set intentions and be focused on what needs to happen throughout the day. Getting up a few minutes earlier to take some deep breaths or have a coffee quietly in silence can help. By slowing down in the morning and claiming your day for YOU, you have built a rooted point to come back to and are achored.

Energy management:

When we feel overwhelmed, it may not be the amount of tasks or the work load we have to do, but the type of energy we need to vacillate in and out of throughout the day. For example, if you have a major presentation or client meeting, this requires social and performance energy, and can be draining for introverts! Then, having to shift out of that energy and into data entry. this requires a different type of focus and attention to detail. When we go back and forth all day we are doing emotional ping pong, draining us completely. it can be best to stack parts of the day for meetings, presentations and office work, so that energy stays and can be maximized. Think of it this way, You wouldn't run a mile, stop to read a book, then run another mile? We would compartmentalize this and manage the energy we need to execute. The same principle applies with our energy at work.

Knowing what you need:

This is vital for any work environment: we can not pour from empty cups. So much of being able to do this comes from how we spend time outside of work so we can show up inside of work maximizing what we do there. What do you need for self care to be a whole human, outside of work? People are at their best when they are whole and fulfilled.


Taking BREAKS to recenter will help you recalibrate back to YOU, coprorate you can take their foot off the gas and come back home to who you really are.

So, take a REAL lunch break.

Should we be taking a real lunch break?


Digestion and gut health is linked to our brain chemistry and immune system. So, when we are not focused on eating, shoveling food down our throats, on the run, we are not paying attention to hunger cues, causing us to overeat, over produce stress hormones and send our central nervous system into overdrive. Plus, if we are stressed out when we are eating, we disrupt the HCL levels in our gut, which will cause inflammation and actually show down digestion, leaving us tired and lethargic throughout the work day.

So yes! Slow down, take time to eat. That will have huge payouts in your overall health.


Being able to have some new tools and strategies in your tool box will help you to manage your stress and take care of you throughout the day.

Test them out, see what works and keep on prioritizing your self care to be the best inside and out.



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