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How Do You Know If You're Settling?

Something vs. THE thing

Settling. It’s not cute. And yet, we do it all the time!

We “settle down” as a right of passage and accomplishment. We use people, places, things and jobs as stop overs. We use excuses and reasoning space holders. And we love words like one day, it’s just until, and once I have.

The heaviness you are creating by hanging on to a job just blocks you from being in your true potential and you are settling for less than and treatment you don’t deserve. The heaviness from a relationship that doesn’t fuel and inspire you just to have warm body next to you at night or someone to foot the Bill on a lavish lifestyle to compensate for the disconnection you BOTH feel...well what a disservice to four people: you, your SO, and the two people waiting for you to show up to be THEIR match.

You are better than space holders and lay overs.

Being alone and quiet for a while to gather yourself build the foundation for allllll healthy and aligned relationships. Even nothing isn’t really nothing. Nothing is something and that just may be the something you need to get THE thing you desire.

And now, I take my own advice and say good bye to all these stop over relationships I’ve accumulated over the past 15 years...more on that later.

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