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Guest Feature: Meet Empowered Millennial, Taylor B.

Welcome to the Feature Series on the blog where you get to connect and hear from some really empowered folks, who are changing the game and inspiring all of us to do the same. They are real people doing badass shit.

And today, we are chatting with Taylor B all that way from Omaha, Nebraska! She has faced addiction and got sober ten years ago. Now, she runs her own regenerative farm and cultivates high quality CBD products. She's a CEO, a mom, wife and sober baddie here to share a bit of her story.

Empowered Millennial, Taylor B.


HI! Thanks for being a guest on The Empowered Millennials blog. We are pumped to featured powerufl and badass millennials out here changing the game. So, obviously YOU!Tell us who you are, where you're from, a lil sumthin':

Hi! My name is Taylor, born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, I'm 31 years old.  I'm a mama to two wild little rascals, and wifey for lifey. I would describe myself as an unconventional, non-conformist, I've always kind of danced to the beat of my own drum and done things my own way. I'm empathetic and always want to leave people better than I found them. I live for human potential, personal development is my hobby, and helping other badass women reach their full potential is even better. My guy and I own and operate 402 Organics a small regenerative farm where we're passionate about cultivating the highest quality cannabis flower and CBD products. Connecting and helping others heal through the plant is a dream come true.

What does empowered mean to you? How would you define yourself as an Empowered Millennial? What makes you one?

The state of mind that you can do anything that you set your mind to. Grabbing life by the balls and not settling for anything less than what sets your soul on fire.

I always go after what I want, even if it scares the hell out of me. I have the mentality that everything I desire is on its way to me, and that things are always working out in my favor. 

What have you gone through that now makes you empowered? Sometimes you have to go THROUGH IT in order to be this strong version of yourself. What was the event, situation or ah-ha moment where you decided to BE this empowered?
After a ten year drug addiction, I got sober. I never thought that sobriety would be possible for me or that I was even going to make it out alive. Now, I don't let fear drive the train.I've already done the unthinkable and I know that I'm capable of anything. 
Empowered Millennial, Taylor B.

How have you changed course away from something that wasn't working for you and are now doing something aligned and empowering for yourself, personally, professionally, spiritually?

Getting sober and living an alcohol free lifestyle has elevated my life in everything single aspect. There isn't one area of my life that isn't infinitely better. 

What challenges do you face (have you faced) staying empowered and what strategies do you use to overcome them?:

Do I lose my faith at times and question everything? Absolutely. But I've trained my mind to see the positive, I choose to see through the lens of appreciation and gratitude and I know that The Universe always has my back. 

Keep on swinging, till it sticks. If you slip it doesn't mean you slide. Get back in the saddle as many times as you need to, but don't ever consider giving up on yourself. You have no idea how good it's going to get for you. 

If you could tell your younger self ONE thing, what would you say:

The only thing you need from the streets is tacos! Get your ass home.

What are you most excited about and how are you taking action to go and get it?

Connecting and healing others through the plant. I have big plans to  expand and grow our business, to be able to help as many people as we can. Women's circles on my farm this summer to connect and bring women together. Developing a farm stand where people can come shop for farm fresh veggies and organic goodies. 

What is your favorite part of being a millennial?

I feel like we were the last generation who grew up outdoors! Spending our summers riding bikes, drinking from the hose, our parents unable to get a hold of us. Blockbuster on Fridays nights with our pops. Britney Spears. Spice girls! Our generation is also ending the stigma around mental health, and has the tools to utilize ending our generational trauma.

What is your fav millennial pop culture moment?

Did we just seriously see a tata at the super bowl?

Where can people find you?

Connect with me! 

Take 20% off your entire order of healing hemp products! Coupon Code: "mellowmama" at checkout! 


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