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Guest Feature: Meet Empowered Millennial, Tauri Lee Ryan

Welcome to the Feature Series on the blog where you get to connect and hear from some really empowered folks, who are changing the game and inspiring all of us to do the same. They are real people doing badass shit.

today, we are featuring Tauri Lee Ryan from Springfield MA:

creator, podcaster, actor and stylist


How would you describe yourself? Your bio and who you are:

Omg ok! Welp! My name is Taurean Jones but I go by Tauri (pronounced Tori) Lee Ryan on social media and publicly. Lee in honor of my mother and Ryan in honor of my father.

Describe myself? Oh this feels like on of those dating app questions. Ha ha ha ha! “I’m 6’3, 335lbs, black & Irish (from my grandaddy mother’s mother), no kids, love to cook, read books and no pets. Movie nights on Friday and Dinner dates on Saturday”. How cliche right?

I find this to be an interesting question because I feel there are two sides to me  that some people see and some don’t. On the creative side, I am very animated. I’m loud, funny, love to just joke around and really not take things seriously. I’m a vivid thinker who will try anything to bring an idea to life. I love love love creating. On my serious side, I’m very driven. Goal oriented. Outspoken. Extremely organized and I time slot EVERYTHING. Especially if I’m passionate about it. 

What does empowered mean to you?

Empowered, to me, means that you aren’t afraid… of yourself. THAT is extremely empowering. For me, my biggest fear in life was my potential and what I can do creatively. Fear of self is a real thing. Fear of change is a real thing.  I held myself back for so long. So when I finally woke the f*ck up and realized that I’m that Bitch? OH IT WAS A GAME CHANGER. 

How would you define yourself as an Empowered Millennial? What makes you one? 

It ties into what I had just said a moment ago. Not being afraid of self. Reveling in your power. Fueling your potential which can be limitless if you don’t limit yourself. Oh sh*t see what I mean? That sounded f*cking epic! But that’s what’s I’m talking speaking positivity into yourself. I’m an empathic person, right? So I can feel all types of energy and emotion around me. What I’m learning is that I need to use that as fuel. Whether it be positive or negative. I used to go run and hide and just sit in whatever energy and emotion I was feeling. Then I realized that sometimes it’s not even my own. So what am I gonna do with that? Am I gonna sit and let devour me and control me? Or am I gonna get the fuck up, hop on that motherfucker and joyride that bytch! Because I’m the one that’s in control. I’m the one who is gonna turn that energy/emotion into fuel for motivation, an idea, doing something, whatever it may be. But it’s gonna service me vs me servicing it. 

What have you gone through that now makes you empowered? Sometimes you have to go THROUGH IT in order to be this strong version of yourself. What was the event, situation or ah-ha moment where you decided to BE this empowered?

So two things happened. First, when my grandmother died. Pamela Jean was a very strong woman. She was this invincible hero to me. Kind of like Prue Halliwell from Charmed. She spoke her mind and didn’t care what anyone thought. My grandmother would take on anything and anyone. Didn’t even matter if you were her boss she puked let you know what it was. People loved and respected her for that. Though, some didn’t want to admit it lol. She always taught me to be strong but also be authentic.

Second, when a prior boss told me that I needed to be more chameleon like when I would go into places. Now, let me explain. Anyone that knows me knows that I am a FASHIONISTO! I love clothes. I love color. I love authenticity. I love me being me. So when I was basically told that my fashion forward colors and choices could be intimidating for some, I knew I was at the wrong place. The right place was for me to be reveling within self and do what I am destined to do. I am an actor. I am an influencer. I am a mogul. I am a fashion designer. I am all the things that I want and am going to be. 

How have you changed course away from something that wasn't working for you and are now doing something aligned and empowering for yourself, personally, professionally, spiritually?

Got damn these are some good ass questions. Makes you think. Well I’ll say this, I’ve learned that if it doesn’t service you? LET. IT. GO. Don’t try to fix it. Don’t try to change it. What’s meant for you is meant for you. Stop wasting your time on something this isn’t working for you personally, professionally, spiritually & emotionally. Start to pour into positive things that make you feel good. Shyt even pour a little bit into the negative at times. What I mean by that is, if you feel you gotta curse a motherf*cker out to feel better because they crossed you? Do that! Release that energy and let it go! Stop thinking about them and think about you! 

What challenges do you face (have you faced) staying empowered and what strategies do you use to overcome them?

The challenge is me. I sike myself out at times. We all have those moments where we second guess ourselves. “Am I good enough for this”? “What if this doesn’t work”? “Should I have done this instead”? LISTEN! JUST F*CKING DO IT! I wouldn’t say that I have a “strategy” for it. I would say that I just have to remind myself of who I am, good and bad, and that THAT makes me, me and that’s ok! They are either gonna take it or leave it and I have to be ok with either choice. 

If you could give someone who has experienced a similar situation to you and maybe isn't on the other, brighter side of it, a piece of advice, what  would you say?

My advice to you would be this: check your surroundings. Are you surrounded by people who empower you? Who fuel you? Who believe in you. Sometimes it’s the energy around you and WHO YOU ALLOW that makes all the difference. I had to learn that the hard way. Sometimes you got to cut those you love the most OFF! And every single person you allow in your space has a requirement. Idgaf what anyone says if that person feels they aren’t required to empower you or contribute to you in some way, shape or form LET THE BYTCH GO! 

If you could tell your younger self ONE thing, what would you say?

This isn’t it. 

What are you most excited about and how are you taking action to go and get it?

I’m excited about moving in silence. Because I can tell people I’m doing something all day. What matters is that I’m doing it. So less talking and more doing. 

What is your favorite part of being a millennial?

That I was raised in the 90’s! I was born in ‘88 but being raised in the 90’s is something that I cherish everyday! I’m a lucky bitch baby!

What is your fav millennial pop culture moment?

When Kelly Clarkson won the first season of American Idol. She will always be THE FIRST & THE ORIGINAL! She is my favorite artist. She is also an April baby like me.

Where can people find you?

Facebook: CLICK HERE

Instagram: @Taurileeryan 

TikTok: HERE



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