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Why you aren't making progress with your fitness goals

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Oh man. Workouts are commodities right now: free on YouTube, instagram and a million other options. Seems like everyone is out here telling you how to workout and regurgitating some inspirational quote.

It can be maddening. Barf central, actually.

Anyone can tell you how to do a push up. Most workout classes include some form of cardio and squats. I am not doing anything innovative with squats, real talk.

And yet, even with sooooo much content:

why are folks falling off with their physical and mental health?

Why is maintaining a routine in wellness so dang hard? Why would you NOT put your own life mask on first?? Why are you not jazzed about being epic? Why are you not making any progress?

And, I am going to be real f-ing honest:
Those workouts, without challenge, commitment and a deep push to live epically leave you falling short each and every time.

They allow you to check OUT rather than to check IN with your mind and body.

The checking in with the self, setting intention is a real way to free up space in your body and make your movement FREEING from all the bullshit.

It is human nature to take the path of least resistance. It is our biological programming not to struggle and suffer.

The downside to that is: WE DO NOT EVOLVE

If you keep showing up without a reason or a way and get connected to HOW you need to move to succeed in that goal....

You will be EXACTLY where you are.

Change, achieving goals and being epic require a temporary discomfort. In that discomfort, we evolve, we shift, we grow! That's what makes Sweat Remix and the #ZenRageHeal process so powerful!

Looking for a way to permanently fit workouts into your life and actually MAKE CHANGES in your Body, mind, spirit and LIFE?

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