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Why Can't I stick to a fitness program?

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Ever go to to the gym or a workout class to escape and destress only to feel just as stressed when it is over?? You show up, work your ass off like a boss, sweating and getting in one of the best workouts of your life. Those endorphins are flowing and vibing, maybe you even skip back to your car or have a dance party on the way home...

But then what?

What happens? Where does that workout high go? Why isn't it sustainable? It's like you feel just as crappy as you did before you even went to the gym in the first place, maybe even defeated. So, you just want to check out, say F*CK it and just sit on the couch contemplating your existence, why he chose her over you and how you are going to show up at a toxic Job one more day...

Yeah...sounds about right. Most fitness programs are about checking out, separating parts of the self. So by doing that, we separate our whole self, never really fueling who we are, what we are, where we are and where we are going.

Why aren't you getting results?

Why do you feel drained and stressed, even with working out?

Why do you fall out of your routine over and over??

By “crushing it” without intention and connection, we feel just as empty once the post workout endorphins fade as we did before we even went to the gym in the first place. That's where we come in! We believe in checking IN not checking OUT with a fitness class. Sweat Remix is a unique fitness experience for the mind, body and soul remixing fitness and meditation with our signature #ZenRageHeal process to help you move through any barriers that are limiting your best, most epic life!With Sweat Remix, Get MORE from movement.

Here's how our process works and here is how you can get MORE from your workouts and ALL THAT YOU DO.

END the stop/start chaos with these three steps:

  1. ZEN & Set an intention: decide why you are here, what you want and get clear on that vision.

  2. RAGE & Activate: Move your body in a way that honors that intention

  3. HEAL & Reflect: give yourself a moment of stillness and pause to connect back with yourself, reflect on what you need, how you feel and how to keep moving into alignment into a life that serves you.

This process works in fitness and in any situation we face: any time we are challenged, any time it is uncomfortable, any time we want more from up and #ZenRageHeal

Try out a class! and join our virtual community



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