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Three Oblique Exercises to Work the Core and Release Toxic Energy

It may be surprising to hear that trauma gets stored in the mind and body, yet that’s exactly what happens, and it has significant effects. The conscious mind may forget the original episode, but the nervous system remembers, triggering a constant aroused state of fight or flight, and a chronic spike in cortisol (which is good in doses, but chronic has serious impact on the body, sleep, digestion, etc). Neurological and biological research suggests that mindfully integrating the body into healing practices is essential for trauma recovery.

Exercise helps the body find a healthier equilibrium, both physiologically and emotionally. It improves hormonal and nervous-system regulation, and it helps people connect with their bodies, which expands their capacity to counter dysregulation and to trust themselves.

By creating instability through twisting and moving through multiple plans of motion, you are creating dual awareness, the ability to maintain awareness of two, or more, aspects of experience, while keeping present in the moment.

Dual awareness is one of several techniques used for treating trauma. The required focus plants participants squarely in the here and now rather than in the past or future. It can help draw their attention outside of themselves when internal stimuli, such as a speedy heart rate, are overwhelming.

Ultimately, dual awareness is a tool designed to establish that the present is safe and trauma-free — a time when success (balancing the blocks) is possible and failure (dropping the blocks) is not the end of the world.

PLUS, building a strong connection to the core and our solar plexus chakra, we get better connected to the self and our intuition. Oh, and the physical benefits of a strong core help improve overall posture, too and maybe even contribute to those aesthetics we know and love.

Try out there THREE quick and easy exercises to release negative and toxic energy AND...get those gains! You can also watch the video HERE in the 'gram.

  1. Walk out Push up, lateral kick through

  2. Side Plank Rows

  3. Kneeling twisting Windmill

And join us at class! CLICK HERE

See you soon friend! Twist and shout. Let it out. Seriously.


Angela & The Fam

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