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Speaker, Educator, Storyteller and Global Podcast Host

Just your favorite child-free, elder millennial sharing stories that inspire and empower YOU to set strong boundaries and make powerful choices to live an epic life.

Hi, I'm Angela


Ways to stay


resources to make empowered decisions at life's challenging crossroads to take brave action and go after the life YOU want

Speaking and Hosting Events

Powerful storytelling for your next event from hosting to speaking and more

Inner Compass:
1-on-1 coaching

Are you ready to GO ALL IN?!?

Cast yourself as the main character in your life and let's connect

Digital & Virtual workshops

Tools, tips and resources to help you get started and take action to live a life you want, not the one your should

Sweat Remix Fitness

The #ZenRageHeal process for your mind, body and soul on-demand.

Empowered Millennials PODCAST

Bust out of the limiting status qup



Welcome to The Empowered Millennials podcast.

This is the global pod to dive deeper into finding clarity and our FUCK YES through story telling & honest heart to heart chats.

Join me each week for a new episode packed with what you need to know to level up and spark curiosity on ways you can let go of the limiting status quo


Let this be the place to step powerfully into what you are truly called to do.


So tap in, join me and let’s GO BE EPIC!



Events with 


The event that EVERYONE remembers, is going to be YOURS.

With the right Keynote, host and MC, a great event tells a powerful story and leaves an impact with a lifetime of memories 

From your resident elder 


Hey! I'm Angela, and I'm glad you are here. 

You have a STORY to tell, one that has yet to be written! 

I spent much of my life living out someone else's story, feeling stuck and unhappy. I created the The Empowered Millennials community to help burnt out and empathetic millennials, like me, take back their power, get clarity on what they truly want out of life and the courage to go after it. 

We don't have to be stuck by the status quo and live by the expectations of our families. The truth is: we have the power to choose the life we want. We get to write out story and be the hero. 

Here, you will find a whole community and resources to make empowered choices so you can live the life YOU WANT. 

Join us and I can't wait to work with you!

~Angela Gentile


Be Clear. Be Badass.

free course

Join this free workshop course and gain access to some of the EMPOWERED magic, tips and tools for you to step powerfully into your life and go after what you really want. Say: F*@K Yes to your life!


What You get:

-a series of downloadable worksheets

-short Instructional videos and meditations

-A step by step process to help you work through what you really want so you can create an action plan

-Resources for further development and badassery 

-reminders and check-ins for you to complete your course

-90 days access so you have time to go through it at your own pace


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