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Thanks for your participation in a Sweat Remix Fitness experience! We are excited to introduce you to the #ZenRageHeal process to calm the mind, work the body and feed the soul.


Please take a few minutes to fill out this form and sign the waiver in order to ensure the safest and most effective workout for you!


intake and waiver

Please read, click agree to sign to terms: You have been informed of, understand and are aware that any exercise program, whether or not requiring the use of exercise equipment, is a potentially hazardous activity. You have been informed of, understand and are aware that any exercise and/or fitness activities involve a risk of injury, as well as abnormal changes in blood pressure, fainting, and a remote risk of heart attack, stroke, other serious disability or death, and that you voluntarily participating in these activities, have been advised by a healthcare professional to do so and using equipment and machinery with full knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the dangers involved. You hereby agree to expressly assume and accept any and all risks of injury, illness, regardless of severity, or death. THIS WAIVER AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY  FROM TEACH FITNESS LLC/Sweat Remix INCLUDES, WITHOUT LIMITATION, INJURIES WHICH MAY OCCUR AS A RESULT OF (1) EQUIPMENT BELONGING TO TRAINER OR TO MYSELF THAT MAY MALFUNCTION OR BREAK; (2) ANY SLIP, FALL, DROPPING OF EQUIPMENT; (3) AND/OR NEGLIGENT INSTRUCTION OR SUPERVISION. T.E.A.C.H Fitness LLC/Sweat Remix owns any pictures or media taken of you. Your participation in this program, even as a minor, allows T.E.A.C.H Fitness LLC/Sweat Remix to use you/your likeness for social media and/or promotional or educational purposes without additional consent or financial royalties. All images and likeness of you will be property of T.E.A.C.H Fitness LLC./Sweat Remix.  T.E.A.C.H Fitness LLC/Sweat Remix is not responsible for property that is lost, stolen, or damaged while in, on, or about the premises or participating in a fitness program.


Your completion of the form indicates your understanding and confirmation of content of this waiver. 

Thanks for submitting!

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