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Did I finally say what you’ve been thinking?

And now, I bet you’re thinking: Ugh Finally. I FEEL HEARD!

Ok, now what? What do I do about my sucky friends who don’t see me or hear me or show up for me in the ways that I do for them? What do they have to do? How do I make them get it??

Yeah, here is the hard truth: Why your friends suck has less to do about them and everything to do about YOU.


Not the words you wanted to hear, I know. Hard to grasp that how you have been showing up, processing the pain of old trauma and repeated patterns has dictated how these relationships hit you back. When you experience something MAJOR and your needs shift, of course the friends you have won’t be able to give you what you now need because your friendship was not predicated on this type of reciprocity.

Community during times of loss and pain is ESSENTIAL. Doing this shit, healing and feeling by yourself doesn’t give you the leg to Stand with when you have to collapse in order to build up stronger. .

Figuring out WHAT and HOW within yourself will set you up with a solid tribe of people who, without a doubt., will align with your frequency, because you, baby, align within your own frequency. You have build the frequency FOUNDATION for all things to build: you, your soul, your career, your relationships. .

When you are ready to learn about this WHAT and HOW so you can figure out YOU and WHO, join the Fam!

We got this.


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