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WTF is Grief?

What is Grief?

Definition: Grief is the process an individual goes through after losing a significant person or element from their life.

While grief is usually associated with the loss of human life, that is not the only cause of grief. Any significant loss can be emotionally difficult and disruptive for an individual: loss of a person, place, pet, relationships, concept, expectation, etc.

MY DEFINITION: I view grief as the emotional battle between your perceived expectations and your current reality. It is a painful resistance and process through acceptance.

There are a few common causes of grief, including:

* Loss of a loved one: Losing a person you are close to is the most commonly recognized cause of grief. This can be from an actual death and even a break up, move, ending of a friendship, or any kind of relationship.

* Divorce/break ups/friend ships ending: While divorce is not the same as a person’s death, it can cause both parties to grieve. Divorce represents a complex change that can impact many parts of life.

* Loss of job: The loss of a job can be a devastating and life-changing event. Job loss grief reflects the lack of financial security and can affect personal identity.

* Death of pet: For some people, the death of a pet can be as significant as the loss of a human life. This is especially true when grieving the loss of pets who are viewed as family members.

* Loss of expectations: We experience this one regularly, but the severity of the grief we feel depends on the deep rootedness and connection of our expectations. The resistance to the reality against these expectations can be grief inducing, anxiety causing and more.

We grieve all the time, countless times a day. We grieve not accomplishing a task list, our presentation not going according to plan, getting stood up on a date, our partner not taking out the trash for the 293403 time this month. Whatever it is...

Breathe. Lean in. Let it grow you and show you something about your external direction and internal knowing.

The more you know...


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