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Why You Can't Say NO

Real talk: if you are saying yes when you mean no and then feeling resentful, we gotta chat. Here’s what’s up:

Your lack of prioritizing yourself is NOT because of lack of time, help or needing to care for others. Get that clear.

➡ What is really going on:

Your inability to know what you want, how you want it and what you don’t want as well is what stops you from going after what you really want.

How can you prioritize what you can’t define???

How can you say fuck yes when you don’t know what it is????

AND being confident stems from being able to give yourself what you need, proudly and strongly.

➡ what you need:

A roadmap! You need step by step guidance to create your own roadmap to say YES: starting with what you want and doing want and a way to create a plan to make it stick! You wouldn't get in your car and go on a trip to a place you haven't been to before without some kind of directions, maybe even some snacks?

So, changing your habits and learning about what you need, what you want and don't want will be a process that requires a bit of guidance and direction. Otherwise, you can spend lots of time circling the block without every getting what you are looking for.

Yay Metaphors!

➡ How you get that help:

Sign up for this FREE coaching workshop. You’ll get everything you need to step confidently into your life and go after what you really want.

Start saying fuck yes to your own life!!!


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