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Why is it important to breathe & check in?

Our bodies are smart, and have a great autopilot system that it uses to protect us, even when the threat is simply perceived. We often create responses to a perceived threat where there once was in fact, a threat. When we use emotional behavioral patterns to govern the present, based on the past, we can find ourselves stuck in a loop, constantly repeated the past.

So if you’re finding yourself in the same situation over and over again, maybe with different people in different places, check in. Use the #ZenRageHeal process to guide you.

Here’s how you can use the #zenrageheal process outside of class too! Here’s what you can do:

1. ZEN & Breathe: check in and get centered, present with your breathe. Decide what you’re feeling now in the moment and what you need for YOU.

2. RAGE & Activate what you need. What can you give to yourself, not what you want someone else to do, but how can you align your actions to take care of yourself and give you the love, peace, focus you need so you can fill up again. Approaching any Situation in life from a place of wholeness, the self, YOU, gives you an opportunity to be grounded and aligned. Here is a quick 10-minute workout to help you activate your energy.

3. HEAL: Reflect & Connect. After you’ve gone about your day caring for yourself, doing what you needed to feel whole, Humana bad YOU, decide how you feel, why were you triggered, what is real and what is old, how can you heal the things that’s really making you upset? how you can come to this place of centering each and every time you were triggered. Try out our Reflect & Connect course to help you get a bit more grounded. Just a quick lil process for you to start out your week! You got this fam and see you at class. Lots of great LIVE WORKOUTS happening this week. Peep them and sign up. We can't wait to see you.



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