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When You Feel Alone

Who is in your corner? Who has your back? Like...for real?

If you’re saying: I don’t know, no one, I am always doing it alone...HEAR THAT LOUD AND CLEAR.

Moving though life, the hardest and darkest times, really is telling about who has the capacity to show up. It may not be that they don’t care, rather their capacity for pain and feeling and suffering just isn’t large enough to help you carry yours and theirs.

I’ve felt that, too. Many times. And even now, as my life shifts, so are my relationships. And when I look to communities that already exist, they can’t cut it. They just don’t vibe big enough for all the bigness of life and feeling and experiences I carry with me.

What I needed didn’t exist, so I created it my damn self: a community of folks who is ready to move, shift, change and grow beyond distractions and into real true authentic selves.

So rather than spiral out of control into a shame cycle that makes me a victim of my life, I pivot and shift and keep cultivating a community FOR US.

When you’re in the in between: relationships, divorce, loss, sobriety, healing, whatever else...we got you.

This community was created for YOU.


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