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What Makes a Qualified Coach?

“What qualifies you?”

To qualify is about qualities, experiences & intangibles, which is even more important than someone with fancy degrees. It’s hard to measure & it’s often times just felt.

What we often think we want is what QUANTIFIES someone. Sometimes we are unable to see depth because we haven’t gotten deep in our own journey. We like to measure surface: someone’s potential and worthiness based on what degree they could afford, where they attached their time or how well they checked boxes.

If you want to quantify me: let’s go. I can check like a mofo. I got lists:

-BA, English

-MS, Educational Leadership

-60+ unmatriculated graduate credits from Harvard, Lesley University, UCSD

- certified in ELA, ESL

- certified Principal, & English Program Director

-1000s of hours of professional development in mindfulness, trauma informed learning, curriculum design, conflict resolution and everything else you could imagine.

-Certified Life coach

-Certified Life Purpose Coach

-Certified AFAA Group Ex instructor

-20 years of experience teaching, coaching, healing

Hold the applause. The magic lies in the experience though. So, what QUALIFIES me to help folks release old patterns and start living in alignment? What inspires me to help people see & believe in their potential?!? How much time do you have?!

I have lived and survived the same bullshit people feel trapped in. I’ve been stuck in my own toxicity and complacent in my abuse. I have lost, like truly lost, people, parents, friends & I’ve lost myself. I lost versions of my life that I thought were who I was, but they were just as good as I could do at the time. I have allowed grief to grow me and evolve me.

I learned to combine my time of teaching, coaching, therapy, DBT/CBT strategies, all my credentials and by being on this earth for 40 years to THRIVE. Now, I help people get out of their BS cycles of anger, anxiety, over giving and start finding joy, like real joy, within themselves. I help them believe in who they are, what they want and give them love, support and a kick ass tool box to live epically.

You don’t have to suffer like I did

Let’s connect ❤️ I got you.


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