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Trouble Leaving a Toxic Situation? Three Reasons Why You Should Choose YOU

Imagine this: you're at a party, and the person you've been avoiding all night starts heading your way with an endless monologue about their pet iguana's latest escapade. You know it's time to escape, but you're rooted in place, listening to a story that's draining the life out of you.

Well, my friends, toxic situations are a lot like that never-ending iguana tale. And let me tell you, I have been on MANY an iguana tale date AND have been deep in some generational toxicity with family, abuse, death and grief (you can learn a bit more about my situation in Episode 73: The Importance of Choosing Yourself).

And no matter what the situation, whatever is misaligned for you will suck the energy out of you, steal your happiness, and leave you feeling even worse, robbing you of your sparkle. But here's the twist: it doesn't have to be this way.

Buckle up, because we're about to explore why moving out of these situations is not just important; it's a declaration of war against the boring, the exhausting, and the soul-sucking. Sometimes, we just need to hear it and see it in order to affirm what we already know to be true. So, happy to be that for you, babes. Take notes, save this post and send it to whomever needs it:


1: Toxic Situations Are Like Prolonged Visits to the Bermuda Triangle

You know the Bermuda Triangle, right? That mystical place where things mysteriously vanish into thin air? Toxic situations are a bit like that – you may find your happiness, self-esteem, and even your sanity slowly disappearing without a trace. It's like trying to find meaning in a Nicolas Cage movie - incredibly challenging!

Picture yourself as a majestic ship sailing through life. Toxic situations are the whirlpools trying to suck you in, but darling, you're no Titanic – you won't sink! Moving out of these situations means finally steering your ship to calmer, sunnier seas. You deserve smooth sailing and clear skies, not an endless loop of "The Perfect Storm."

2: Toxic Situations Are Energy Vampires

Ever met someone who drains your energy faster than a hummingbird at an all-you-can-drink nectar buffet? Toxic situations are like those people, only they're not so easy to avoid. They lurk around, draining your mental, emotional, and even physical energy like a supercharged vacuum cleaner. You're left feeling like a limp noodle on a roller coaster with no seatbelt.

So, why is it important to escape this vampire's lair? Because when you move out, you reclaim your energy. You'll have enough pep in your step to run marathons, climb mountains, or at least binge-watch your favorite show without feeling like a zombie afterward. Remember, you're not a portable charger; you can't keep supplying energy to others while neglecting yourself!

3: Toxic Situations Are Like Wearing Two Left Shoes

Have you ever tried walking with two left shoes? It's awkward, uncomfortable, and every step feels like a tiny disaster. Toxic situations are the emotional equivalent of this fashion faux pas. They're like wearing two left shoes in life, and no one has time for that kind of blunder!

Moving out of a toxic situation is a crucial act of self-love because it allows you to wear your own shoes, perfectly tailored to your unique size and style. You can finally stride confidently, dance with grace, and sprint when needed. Choosing yourself is about taking control of your life and stepping into the right shoes, quite literally!


Choosing yourself and moving out of a toxic situation is as vital as having Wi-Fi in today's world – it's non-negotiable. You deserve to navigate through life without shrinking down, maintain your energy, and walk the path of self-discovery with the right shoes on your feet.

If you want some help and guidance, I have a FREE GUIDE with my top three tips to stop people pleasing and choose yourself. This could be a really powerful start to have your "ah-ha" moment and start prioritizing YOU.

So go on, be your own hero and take action go after the life you want! THAT is what it means to be an Empowered MIllennial. You Got this and reach out if you need anything. GO BE EPIC!

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