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Throne of Judgement

I was a judgmental betch. ⠀

I used to criticize from my golden throne of judgement, blasting my expectations on to others on what I THOUGHT they should do, even in despair and pain. ⠀

Pretty gross. And mean. And unevolved.⠀

The thing is though, I didn’t have any perspective. I wasn’t living my life taking risks, being real and living with vulnerably. So, I never had to fall from my high horse. ⠀

It was not until life showed up and catapulted me off my high horse into the fucking pit of despair without my permission, is when things got real. ⠀

I learned grace and empathy and compassion because I finally NEEDED grace and empathy and compassion. I WAS LIVING HONESTLY AND OPENLY for the first time ever. ⠀

How dare I ever judge or criticize anyone ever again because I’ve been in my own pit struggling to get out and it wasn’t pretty. ⠀

When thinking about casting from your own golden throne, dig down deep and unpack why their situation bothers you so much and why you want them to act a certain way: does it fit a narrative that is fragile and you’re trying to protect? Does controlling someone without grace and compassion keep you from meeting your own discomfort? ⠀

Offer understanding, listening, compassion and non judgement, releasing outcomes and expectations.⠀

That’s where real vulnerability lives. ⠀

And so does the real connection. ⠀

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Carson Reed
Carson Reed
Sep 19, 2021

Good reaad

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