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Three ways to manage OVERWHELM

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

So overwhelmed that I EXPLODED, at everyone and everything. I used to think everyone was doin things TO ME and I was a victim of shit treatment.

And in some ways I was a victim, but not of them but if my own self hate, lack of boundaries and negative self talk.

It wasn’t until I was FORCED by life and a really awful and painful circumstance, that I took a step back to ask a few questions.

If you are feeling so damn overwhelmed and frustrated and maybe just plain SAD: check in

➡️what do I feel? Name it! You can’t move through what you can’t name and understand. How can you solve a problem that doesn’t exist??

➡️What do I need: seriously, is it good, a nap, a hug, a break? It probably isn’t too complicated and extravagant. Just ask yourself and what comes to mind first, without hesitation, that’s what’s up.

➡️how can I get it? This is important. Take one simple step to make a phone call, ask someone for a hug, set a timer and take five minutes. There is always a solution.

And as always, breathe. You have everything you need within you.

Need more resources? I GOT YOU!

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Keep in touch, take a class and access these resources! I've been there and I can help.

And remember, you got this!



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