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Three Tips for Major Life Event Stress

As if regular every day life doesn't have enough to stress over! What happens when we are coming out of an unprecedented pandemic and stressful life event, struggling to get our footing, stay grounded, socialize once again, AND add in a major life event?

When something like a major life event happens, it can throw us into turbulence. On top of a pandemic, watch TF out!

The top five most stressful life events include:

  • Death of a loved one

  • Divorce

  • Moving

  • Major illness or injury

  • Job loss

It might feel like stress is something that effects our emotional and dysregulates our mood. This can just be part of the puzzle. Stress can become a physical issue as well, especially when dealing with the most stressful and major life stressors AND post pandemic stress, too.

Your body instinctively responds to changes and perceived threats, says Franchise Adan, MD, medical director, UH Conner Integrative Health Network. Your body reacts by releasing stress hormones, adrenaline and cortisol to switch you into fight-or-flight mode.

After experiencing stressful life events, Dr. Adan says stored-up stress can contribute to symptoms and issues related to:

  • Digestive health

  • Inflammation

  • Immune system

  • Bone density

  • Sexual health

  • Sleep

  • Anxiety

“Day-to-day stress takes its toll on everyone,” she says. “We’re constantly bombarded by threats and changes, but because we don’t usually literally fight or run, we stay reactive. We’re bathed and flooded in stress hormones.”

So, it's a lot, right? Our hormones are out of control and this stress impacts every nook and cranny of our life!

Like, how do we make it stop? How do we get back to normal???

Here are THREE simple tips to help you manage the stress:


  • your body is in flight or flight and preped to act, so do it!

  • Get physically moving.

  • That's why Taking a SWEAT REMIX CLASS can be so incredibly helpful for a reset

2. Breathe

  • Hit the pause button and tune into yourself.

  • Check IN rather than Check out.

  • Consider using guided imagery and mindfulness to engage in the moment. Being present will realign the body.

  • Join our REFLECT AND CONNECT COURSE for a daily guided meditation practice to manage stress, anxiety and get better connected with yourself.


  • You gotta release those endorphins!

  • What do you do for fun??? When is the last time you belly laughed? Even incorporating this into your day for 30 seconds can make a significant improvement!

  • Have a dance party, do a Traffic Jams along with Angela, play Legos at your desk, play with your dog!

Three simple steps.

And a whole community to have your back!

Come through and join us!

See you soon,

Angela and The Sweat Remix Fam

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