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The thing we resist, persists.

True story: before I was able to even identify the feelings around my own trauma of a decade in toxic workplace, abusive relationships and those from childhood, I resisted the work I had to do.

I refused to lean into the pain. I refused to be uncomfortable and instead, I turned my inner turmoil OUTWARD. It was when I was the ANGRIEST, the most TOXIC, the most unpleasant to be around, when I took down those around me as casualties of my own inner work, was when the ball started rolling for me. .

I couldn’t handle the discomfort of myself. .

I used the heaviness and pain I was feeling as my own opportunity to unpack alllllll the shit that was mine, even what wasn’t and allow for acceptance for those who also hurt me as a casualty of their own misguided trauma. The heaviness I was facing, the knock down drag out pain and discomfort I was sitting it meant I was GROWING.

Being uncomfortable and welcoming FEELING is the very first step of the rumbling of change. It’s magical and ugly in this space. And it is necessary for us to live the life we want.

Using all the tears, the discomfort, the uncertainty to move forward is POWERFUL. .

The rumbling is POWERFUL.

YOUR CALL TO ACTION: Meet the vulnerability of expression with love, care, support, for it leads to an internal sense of belonging and worthiness. .

AND A BIGGER CALL TO ACTION: Meet the vulnerability and anger and fear and sadness of others with love care, support, for it leads to an internal sense of belonging and worthiness.

THE CALL TO ACTION THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE: Join our community to keep moving the body and the mindset!

Here’s to a week (and a lifetime) of growing.



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