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The Grief Bully Podcast

One word: POWERFUL.

With my dad's would be 70th birthday this week, it was an honor to be on The Grief Bully Podcast with J Nicole Jones. Thank you for this beautiful space to share my story, honor my dad and spread a bit of hope to anyone going through loss.

I couldn't FIGHT and FEEL at the same time.

We can stop fighting against and with and lean into the feelings showing up to grow and evolve us into the best version of ourselves.

Please check it out, like, comment, share and subscribe.

Much love!


Episode #68: I couldn't fight and feel at the same time

J.Nicole is in the studio with Mindful Fitness Advocate and Compassionate Life Coach, Angela Gentile. The two dive into a very profound conversation on grief and loss. Gentile speaks very candidly about her healing journey after the loss of her father, Nicky Gentile. Join in our discussion.

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