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Sweat Remix is Getting a NEW HOME!

There are some BIG changes happening.

I hve some BIG NEWS in the Sweat Remix and Go Be Epic Podcast world.

First of all, My birthday is coning up on July 24th, I will be 42. I am so pumped about it. And picking this day also is a very significant way to kick off CHANGE ALL AROUND!

This is why I love birthdays and significant anniversary’s like this because it is a great time to reflect and get intentional about what comes next.

Which is why this concept of PROJECT 42: in my 42 second year on this earth, I am STILL evolving and changing an growing and am about to burn shit down to start all over again.

And I figured, what a better day to start a new project: a new personal journey of discovery and one that also represents where I am going in my business endeavors.

For those following me on social media, you have been watching me explain the path of Sweat Remix and how it is just not big enough to hold what we have been doing, how we have been doing it and what is come in the future.

I started this concept in 2016 and officially launched in 2018. What a ride!!!

Who I was, what I was capable of and how that translated outward was very much limited to being able to be big and express myself after decades of not feeling like i could. So obvi, an intense bat shit crazy fitness class felt on brand. It was the best way I could communicate motivation and inspiration at that time.

And it’s been AMAZING!

But trying to fit what I now know, how I know it, and how I express my gifts into one box of a fitness class feels almost as limiting as teaching did. And I know it is time to expand both personally and professionally. Plus, my knowledge of branding and business and marketing is pretty savvy compared to 2016. I feel like I have a fucking MBA in this shit, all from failing miserably and google searches.

It has been hard to even explain and connect the dots of Sweat Remix: it’s fitness, but it’s not. It’s like movement but empowerment. There’s coaching and the end of every class she says, go be epic so that’s why there’s a podcast. Just like, trust me and come take a class! LIKE WHAT? It just didn’t make sense.

It will be now a PART of the bigger whole.

And getting to that whole, with a new concept and brand is the same practice I follow with everything:

So, just like I advise people in life, slow down, zoom out and get intentional with what you are doing, What is this? What do you wan the intention of this to be?

So I asked that and came a to VERY REAL conclusion about myself and everything that I do will be from THIS place of intention: that I want to To fully embody my values of saying FUCK IT, live life on your terms and be so empowered to make choices confidently not gives a rats ass about what anyone thinks.

I and stay aligned to them so that I can inspire others to meet their inner badass through healing and empowerment so they can see the potential and magic they bring to the world. So they have the safe space and permission to say: I MATTER. I knew I needed to expand and create THAT platform t inspires misfits and truth seekers and anti-basic beckys, thoe ones who have about had it with the limiting conventional status quo and are truly ready to bust out of the box and claim a life they LOVE. They are ready to experience being brave and vulnerable so they can identify the value they bring to the world.

It is more than JUST a workout: it is everything you need, physical fitness, meditations, workshops, certifications, training, coaching to be the best more empowered version of you to be able to truly tell your own story, live your own life and play by your own rules.

That is what we are doing. Sweat Remix is still living under the brand as one of the resources to help you stay empowered to do badass shit.

There’s so much more to come!

I’m excited to launch group coaching and offer value and help at an affordable price point, talking my shit and spreading my knowledge in a really impactful way. That rules.

There will be an all access membership that allows for the fitness classes, live and on demand AND the group coaching calls every month too.

I am also going to be offering a one-on-one coaching offer for those folks who are TRULY ready to DIVE ALL THE WAY IN! So you get the all access with fitness, wellness, mindset, group support and workshops AND we are diving in deep together to really give you the support to truly tell YOUR story in this world, go forward knowing the VALUE you bring to it and simply just do the epic shit you were meant to do.

So, that’s what is going down! And I am so excited.

I hope that this serves are a reminder and testament that timelines are bullshit, really. What does it even mean? There are no rules, baby. Seriously, These fictitious pinpoints are made up an there is not right way to achieve or be or step into your greatness.

The only that the truly matters is what feels right and true and honest to YOU, no matter how old you are, no matter how much money you have invested into ONE Thing. Feeling obligated like you need to because of you age, or need not to because you age or shouldn’t because you have already invested so much in to one particular thing or whatever. Hear me when I say this: IT IS ALL MADE UP!!!

Those are someone else’s stories you are telling yourself and you are taking on and absorbing someone else’s fears, limitations. And it probably feels so icky, frustrating and maddening because this is NOT YOUR FUCKING STORY TO TELL.

You have all the time and all the ability to CHOOSE you own story. We are millennials, we loved a good choose your adventure book! This is it! This is YOUR time to create, rebrand, burn it down and find something more fitting and aligned with the person you are called to and who you are becoming.

You are not stuck, you are not too old and it sure as shit is not too late.

You are your own project, baby. And you are so worth working on at every stage of your life.

And if you need that reminder: I got you all damn day!

Thanks so much Sweat Remix, Fam!

Here's to the next chapter!

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