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Social Media LIES: Behind the Scenes to Success

Perfectly curated lives.

Your fav yoga instructor on the beaches of Costa Rica

The chick from high school who is living her best life selling how?

Picture perfect families in matching outfits.


We are over here enjoying a luxurious girl dinner of peanut butter out of the jar on top of a halfway rotting banana.

And all the while, we know we want change, to be in THAT life, a version of our own, one that we have been fantasizing, wishing for and maybe even talking about.

And yet, more time is passing

And more swiping on other people enjoying their lives.

And no action taken to go after YOUR goals.


The gritty behind the scenes.

There are so many things that need to be planned, set forth, prepared and laid down before anyone, even the Arbonne boss babe, takes real action, let alone achieve their goals.

Success doesn't happen overnight. It is a series of deliberate choices and actions DAILY that help create the life you want and SUSTAIN it once you get there.

So, rather than think you have to go all in and get it tomorrow, that can actually be paralyzing and it's an all/nothing mindset that actually prevents us from even starting in the first place.


Because what you need are tools and a shift in order make going after what you want less daunting and more of a reality.

Plus, do you know how much confidence you build when you follow through with even baby steps!? BOOM.

So here are THREE steps you can apply to your life NOW:

  1. Setting yourself up for greatness by laying out what you want with clarity and direction

  2. Clearing out the roadblocks of what is blocking you from success: mindset, people, etc

  3. Building a foundation and plan to take action!!


So this is just a small snippet to help you do some of the back end work to be able to confidently and consistently show up for yourself time and time again, and keep taking action DAILY to be able to go after what you want.

I am excited for you to join me on Aug 9th at 6pm EST

A FREE 45 min workshop with me, ya girl!

We will go into more detail and look at how these steps can be applied to your life and the action you can take at each step. Here is what else you will get:
A downloadable worksheet and journal to take notes and use to plan after the session
A foundational map of clear goals, wants and desires of what you truly want in your life.

Plus, there will be time to ask me questions so I can help in real time.

I can't wait for you to join me to get even more support to go after your big dreams and goals.

Starting now...means you are even closer to your goals than yesterday!

See you Wednesday!


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