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Six Reasons Why You Need a Supportive Community for YOUR distinct life choices

Ahh yes, being "other"

As the resident black sheep of my family, I have a few decades of experience feeling like my choices, views, desires and needs were so egregious that I struggled with my mental health: there must be something wrong with me because no one gets me.

Feeling like an outcast can be incredibly challenging for anyone. Humans are social creatures, and a sense of belonging is a fundamental need for our emotional and psychological well-being. When we feel like we don't fit in or are not accepted by others, it can lead to feelings of isolation, loneliness, and even depression.

In some cases, feeling like an outcast can be a result of being different in some way, whether it's due to our personality, interests, or background. When we feel like we don't share commonalities with those around us, it can be difficult to connect and form meaningful relationships.

It's important to remember that feeling like an outcast is a common experience and that many people go through periods of feeling like they don't fit in. Now, into adult hood where we specifically carve out lifestyles and choices, it can be even more isolating when your choices are a deviation from the standard and status quo.

Trust me: being the only single and child free woman at baby showers and events with long time friends can feel, shitty. Period. Not having anything to contribute to the conversation because you aren't fighting with a grown man to do the dishes or furthermore, just not giving a shit about school pick ups and home renovations for the mud room is actually a big WIN.

When you would rather talk about your travel plans or what new skill you are going to learn in all the free time you have created for yourself by NOT engaging in that lifestyle and choosing to be child just isn't the time or place, plus know your audience. Honestly, take a page out of that book: the mom groups get together because of the like struggles and commonalities. Bonding over complaining about husbands is just one way to foster connection.

There are also ways to find connection and bond over what hypes you up, where you feel ignited and inspired for how you wan to life.

Which is why, it's also important to take steps to address these feelings, such as seeking out communities of people who share similar interests or values. Ultimately, finding a sense of belonging and connection with others is a vital aspect of our overall well-being and can lead to greater happiness and fulfillment in life.

Having a like-minded and supportive community for YOUR LIFE CHOICES is important for several reasons:



Being a part of a community that shares your values and beliefs can provide a sense of validation and belonging. This can be especially important for individuals who feel like they don't fit in with the larger society or who feel isolated. Think of it like building a pasture where all the black sheep can frolick without judgement.

Being part of something larger and having your dreams, goals, aspirations be seen, heard and valued is soul healing. There is something incredibly powerful when someone sees you, hears you and lets you know your choices matter by asking questions, offering support and saying "hell yes! I believe in you"


A supportive community can offer encouragement and motivation when you're facing challenges or setbacks.

Knowing that others are there to support you and cheer you on can provide a much-needed boost of confidence and motivation.


Being accountable to a supportive community can help you stay on track and make progress towards your goals. Knowing that others are invested in your success can provide added motivation to stick to your commitments.


A supportive community can provide networking opportunities and connections that can open up new doors and help you reach your goals more efficiently. Whether it's finding a mentor or connecting with like-minded professionals, being part of a community can help you expand your network.


Being a part of a like-minded and supportive community can provide inspiration and new ideas. Being exposed to new perspectives and approaches can help you grow and expand your horizons.


Finally, a supportive community can celebrate your successes with you. Celebrating milestones and achievements with others who have been there to support you along the way can be incredibly rewarding and motivating.


Overall, having a supportive community can be incredibly beneficial for personal growth, happiness, and success. Whether it's a professional network, a group of friends, or a community centered around a shared interest or hobby, seek out opportunities to connect with others who share your values and goals.


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