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Roll up your sleeves...

The wait may be over, decency will hopefully be restored, and let’s not forget: the work has only just started. ⠀

This democratic win is only just one small piece of a very fractured, wait...broken...puzzle we call American democracy. ⠀

And even deeper than the color changing states on the map, is the actual human sentiment that it represents. The corresponding actions and reactions rooted in fear and ignorance are cancerous to the fabric of success and longevity for not only individuals but for an entire nation.⠀

Roll up your sleeves, we have WORK to do.⠀

It’s time to unpack alllll implicit and explicit bias we have been digesting and vomiting into black squares without action. ⠀

It’s time to understand what privilege looks like and adopt WILLINGLY the belief that dismantling all of the ways it has benefited and given access to only some while disenfranchising others is the ONLY right and just option. ⠀

To the people of color, to the women of color, to black women who have shown up to save humanity, you are the true MVP. Thank you.

The door to the rooms where our whiteness been allowed and the table at which we have been able to thrive should be set on fire, for something greater will come from the ashes. ⠀

Let’s fuck shit up. ⠀



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