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Resetting Your Nervous System

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Trauma stored in the body

The energy of the trauma is stored in our bodies' tissues (primarily muscles and fascia) until it can be released. This stored trauma typically leads to pain and progressively erodes a body's health. Emotions are the vehicles the body relies on to find balance after a trauma.

These can be single damaging events such as a car accident, continuous bombardments requiring emotional defenses, or over-training of isolated muscles that lock the body into a recognized pattern. Traumas can be considered anything that keep us locked in a physical, emotional, behavioral or mental habit. Recovery from trauma is the process of the body finding balance and freeing itself from constraints. All too often, the recovery process is halted, preventing the traumatic occurrence from completing.

Take control of your nervous system and take control of your energy with a Vagus Nerve Reset. Check out of classes that help you stay connected to your body and regulate your CNS.

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And if you are looking to build a more connective meditative practice, join our Reflect and Connect Course.

We got you and can't wait for you to join the fam!


Angela and THE FAM

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