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Like you’re going nowhere fast, on a hamster wheel, trapped, watching life move joyfully for everyone else around you.⠀

That’s a shitty place to be. ⠀

And I was there for a long ass time. ⠀

Like decades (pains me to say that).⠀

I found myself asking: what am I doing? why am I so unhappy? What do I want? Why isn’t this enough for me? What’s wrong with me that this life I have makes me ill? Why is everyone else ok with it? How can I just feel...NORMAL?!!? ⠀

So...I hear you, girl. ⠀

Loud and crystal fucking clear. ⠀

There’s an DOPE opportunity for you take my 20 years of pain and struggle fighting against the world, the wisdom of heartbreak, loss and grief, the therapy, the DBT and CBT group therapy, the medication, the self help books, the retreats, the yoga, the green smoothies, and all the other stuff I did unsuccessfully and you’re probably trying, too, so you can LIVE EPICALLY.⠀

I have your back.⠀

(And PS: you’re NOT stuck) ⠀

❤️-Angela ⠀

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