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Scrolling through the social feeds just yield more of the same archetype, no matter the industry...⠀

Seeing the same picture 5000 times could make someone go nuts trying to fit into the small ass box they have you believing you are meant to be in. ⠀


More of the same just means more of the same. For those who are outliers by nature or those who have found themselves silently conforming, battling against their inner roar, sparkle, shine and GREATNESS, YOU MATTER. ⠀

Because let’s be real here, the more we try to conform to basic Becky lifestyles of blowouts, Veganism, husbands at 28 and barre class, we realize that it is a trap! ⠀

Not only does this one dimensional view of existing keep out those who live differently, on autonomous terms, it negates opportunities for this prototype life to be challenged: no learning, growing and ultimately no discomfort. It. Keeps. Them. Trapped. Trapped in a mundane fucking castle.


So for those who dare to live outside the box and color outside the lines, laughing when it isn’t quite funny (even when it actually is), swearing loudly when others wouldn’t and choosing not to fuck the same person from college for the rest of their life (can I get an exhale for not choosing THAT GUY amirite?!?): YOUR CHOICES RULE TOO!

There isn’t anything particularly wrong with that typical life. It’s just ORDINARY. BEIGE. PREDICTABLE. Let’s question if it’s even honest! ⠀

Is being the same what ya really want??⠀

People can only meet the world as far as they have met themselves. ⠀

And this archetype infiltrating media is a clear signal that we have lots of miles to climb and depths to dive into our own damn self! If staying comfortably on the surface is your jam, then the equal and opposite reaction of love, life, being will only be that deep, too.

There are those who choose to dive head first into discomfort, passion, the unknown and the uncharted. ⠀


Let’s color outside the lines. Our picture is so much prettier than ordinary. ⠀

xoxo, ~Angela

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