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I Want More for YOU!

If you are doing what you think you "SHOULD" do, not happy, excited or supported in your life and want something wildly different that a lot of people don't understand, then we need to pump the brakes and have a chit chat. So, tell me: why are you trying to live out someone else's dream?? I know who YOU are, that’s why you are here: you are a goddamned unicorn.

First of all, I am fully aware that there are difficulties and things that are out of our control. AND... YOU ARE ALWAYS IN CONTROL OF YOU. You are in control of your time, money, energy and how you spend all of that. NOT the other way around. Second: I KNOW, like with a resounding knowing, that you have big dreams, desires and goals. like so big that people may not understand or maybe your convictions seem a bit much when you say them out loud. That. Is. Your. Fuck yes. So, here’s the magic sauce: Once you start prioritizing YOU, and claiming those BIG goals, dreams, and what you want, need and desire… the world damn world opens up. I want to help you get HERE: strong, relentless and fully standing in your truth with pure confidence. Who gives a hard shit about what people think? Society can fuck all the way off and around if it thinks that care taking others at the expense of yourself and making money for someone else’s company for two weeks of vacation is the big win. Burn it down. Middle fingers HIGH at the patriarchy. I don’t care about the rules. I don’t care about the "shoulds." I do not care what other people are going to say: let the haters hate cause they could NEVER. Their fears and limitations have NO PLACE in your success. What matters the most to me, and to everyone in this community, is being their most authentic, raw and honest self living the life they dream. Let's get hyped up. Let’s rally up all the other unicorns like us. And let’s do dope shit!!!

Here's How YOU can get started on your own DOPE, UNICORN JOURNEY. GET THIS APRIL'S OFFER: TWO WEEKS FREE Join the 8-week challenge and get two weeks free Commit for 8 weeks of workouts, moving, embodiment practices, an on-boarding call to customize your workout plan, an intention setting planner each month and a supportive community to help you go after what you really want.

You can cancel anytime during your two week trial, but I am positive you won't! Now is the time to step in your unicorn status and really make this summer the best one yet. NO more waiting on ONE DAY. It's here. And we got this! Reach out if you have any questions. HELLS YEA! ~Angela

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