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How to Find Self Worth

I’m worthy.

It used to make me roll my eyes and I was so uncomfortable even saying it, like ugh of course I am, what’s next. It was an acknowledgment I completely bypassed.

And with that bypass came: toxic relationships, shit boyfriends, a job I HATED and hated me right the fuck back. I was Exhausting myself proving my worth through an obscene amount of actions, angry that I was never appreciated, doing more, getting angry, doing...crying...hating myself. Feeling. Worthless.

My self hate and destructive behavior was so deeply woven into my life, so much that I couldn’t even imagine getting through the panic, the pain, the loss, the anger....

I kept saying: I love myself, blah blah, but like what does that even mean? I was working out, eating well and yet...over and over again I found myself in the same toxic bullish*t. I couldn't for the life of me, find what was "wrong" and that just kept perpetuating more of the same: self hate, negativity, depression, anxiety...all of it.

It wasn't until my dad died that catapulted me into a journey of self healing, discovery and I did my work...for years. I built myself, from the foundation up. And that foundation started with learning what worth meant to me and how I honored it it within my soul.

What I learned about self worth is that it is not about face masks, bubble baths and binge watching a show. It is so much deeper and complicated and personal.

The best place to start to build the FOUNDATION of self-worth is start asking some deep, internal questions:

  1. If I love, honor and respect myself, how do I show it?

  2. What brings me joy and happiness?

  3. What do I feel most connected to?

  4. How do I feel when I am doing XYZ? Does that make me feel good?

  5. How much of what I am doing fuels me and how much brings resentment?

Without a deep connection to your worth, and what that even means, your values, your time and YOUR WHOLE LIFE can end up in the hands of someone else, something else, anything else but YOU.

Grounding into and understanding and KNOWING your worth and the value you bring to the world.

Starting is always the hardest part. Taking that first step on the journey is the hardest and most vulnerable.’s the absolute bravest step to take toward truly knowing your worth.

I can’t wait to hold your hand through your journey, have your back and guide you through to the best and more incredible connection you could ever make: with yourself ❤️

Reach out. Let's get on the journey!

~Ang & The Fam

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