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How to Define Workout Goals that WORK for you

There are always new studies highlighting the latest trends, leading to newer ones, so on and so forth. Being able to share my thoughts on the "weekend warriors," you know, the folks who crush workouts on the weekends and we may be getting better "results."

it is important to understand all the reasons why people move their bodies and it may not always be this results driven weight loss that is the main contributing factor. Results can be found in lots of ways: showing up, building a routine, self -care, time away from stress and connecting with community, to name a few.

And, it's even more important to discuss the contributing factors during the week that may limit our ability to get in something quality for our movement.

You can read more in the feature in Parade Magazine, a national publication, where I got to share my thoughts and weigh in.

Check it out! And always be sure to do what works for you and what speaks to YOU. The best workout is one you enjoy!



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