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Here we go!

Taking time to just soak in what has just shown up in our world of possibilities: POSSIBILITIES! ⠀

This isn’t the end, this doesn’t override, dismiss or justify. This is simply just someone new arriving to the party, some one so wildly different giving access to rooms and spaces where there wasn’t access before. ⠀

This is the win. ⠀

This is the starting point. ⠀

This is how we disrupt. ⠀

So sit down for a min, exhale and just let momala roll up her sleeves...⠀

And we stand behind her doing the same. ⠀

But first, I’m not crying, you’re crying. 😭 ⠀


Here’s to all the disruptive women who show up, show out and keep us moving. ❤️⠀



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